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Best teeth whitening methods for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth whitening
Best teeth whitening methods for sensitive teeth
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It is not easy to maintain a set of perfect pearly white teeth. On top of that, if you have sensitive teeth, the task becomes almost impossible sometimes. If you have sensitive teeth it means that you cannot use many of the harsh chemical treatments that are available in the market. Moreover, the ones that do work and don’t harm your teeth in the process are extremely expensive.


How to whiten sensitive teeth

So what do you do then? The answer is simple. You opt for natural remedies and methods that keep your sensitive teeth shining and healthy. Follow these best teeth whitening methods for sensitive teeth:

Sensitive teeth whitening tips

  • Brush your teeth correctlySensitive teeth are caused by sensitive nerves in the gums. So make sure that while brushing your teeth you give gentle strokes and not harm your gums in the process. Healthier gums mean healthier, brighter, whiter teeth.
  • ToothpasteLook for whitening toothpastes that have whitening agents. However, read the backside of the packaging carefully to ensure that there are not any harsh chemicals that may do more damage than good for your teeth.
  • Go naturalUse natural food items such as apples, celery and carrots. These fruits and veggies are natural abrasives. This means that they scrub out the tooth enamel to make your sensitive teeth shine without damaging them.
  • Coconut oilAnother natural and readily available method for whitening sensitive teeth is to use coconut oil. Put a few drops on your toothbrush or on a piece of cloth and gently scrub to reveal white teeth.
  • Natural bleachingBaking powder is found very effective and acts as a natural bleaching agent to whiten your sensitive teeth. However, make sure you do not use it more than once a week.
  • Sugarless chewing gumChewing gum is a great way to whiten the teeth. Moreover, if you chew sugarless gum, it won’t sting your teeth too. Chewing gum promotes the formation of saliva in the mouth, which is a natural antimicrobial agent and makes teeth appear shinier and whiter.
  • Make-up tipsIf you have really sensitive teeth and are unable to use any of the above mentioned methods for teeth whitening, don’t lose hope. Applying make-up correctly is a great way to ensure that your teeth look pearly white. Putting on a dark shade of lipstick such as red can actually make your teeth look whiter. What’s more since you are not applying anything directly on your teeth, there is no worry of experiencing any kind of sensitivity.

Cheap teeth whitening methodes for sensitive teeth

How to whiten your teeth

  • Teeth Whitening products – There are a lot of Teeth Whitening products that are really worth their costs. Most of these products come at low costs, so you won’t need to invest a lot of money. Please check my ‘Teeth Whitening products‘ page for reviews for the best products
  • Teeth Whitening kits – Although some people are a little bit sceptic about the Teeth Whitening kits, I experienced that the results are just amazing. The prices for these kits are really low and I saw results in just 2 days. Please check my ‘Best Teeth Whitening kits‘ page for reviews.
  • Teeth Whitening strips – Have you used Teeth Whitening strips before? I did and I can say that the results are really amazing. For the price you are paying for these strips, I don’t really think that there are cheaper methods to see these amazing results in just a few days. Please check my ‘Best Teeth Whitening strips‘ page for reviews. 
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