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How to get white teeth in a fast way

Fast white teeth
How to get white teeth in a fast way
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Flashing white teeth is the mantra behind any successful personality, however, we start losing the whiteness of our teeth as we age.

Before I proceed and provide you with some beneficial tips on how to get white teeth fast, I did want you to hover over these points which are reasons behind the loss of whiteness of our teeth:

  1. One of the prime reasons of the decrease in the whiteness of your teeth is Tea. Believe it or not but tea is a stubborn ingredient which is sure to leave its stain on your teeth.
  2. Wine is another factor which is as stubborn as tea
  3. Your ageing is another feature when it comes to the teeth growing yellow.

How to get white teeth fast

Tips for fast white teeth

Here are some real good tips that will help you to know how to get white teeth fast:

  1. I am not asking you to give up on tea and wine, but a very good idea to remove those stains left by these ingredients would be to immediately brush your teeth, this helps in lifting the stains.
  2. Drink loads of water, the result is that you mouth is flooded with water quite often, and thus washing away all the food that is stuck between the teeth, and kind of sugar or debris that builds up throughout the day.
  3. A quick way of brightening you teeth is by taking a bite of an apple, as this helps in removing the film off of your teeth which is the cause of your teeth looking dingy, but make sure you are using your front teeth and sinking them all through till the crust of the apple touches your gum.
  4. Whitening gums are another way of temporarily brightening your teeth, and will also help in removing the bits of food stuck in your mouth.
  5. Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide can also be a good way of getting those bright and white teeth.
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