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Home remedies for white teeth

Home remedies white teeth
Home remedies for white teeth
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There are a number of reasons why our teeth turns yellow, and also a couple of reasons why we did always wish our teeth to maintain their whitey shine. The reasons why our teeth loose the colour can be tea, coffee, wine or ageing, also our own carelessness. But what is more important for us to know is why it becomes so important for us to make sure that our teeth are white.

White teeth

Believe it or not but a smile can straighten a lot of crooked paths for you, hence you need to make sure that when you are flashing a smile during a presentation or in front of your bosses and colleagues they show up bright and white, instead of dull and yellow.

Free home remedies for white teeth

Apple and carrot teeth whiteningTo help you further we here have brought for you three home remedies for white teeth, which are easy to follow too.

  1. Use of baking soda and lemon juiceā€™s paste. Baking soda is actually sodium bicarbonate is a very good option when it comes to whitening your teeth as it gently brushes away any kind of stain and thus turning your teeth white. Lemon juice works as bleach, so it is a good combination.
  1. Another easy method would be the combination of strawberry, salt and baking soda, and you can make a scrub out of it. Strawberries which are very high on Vitamin C can break down the plague which is the reason behind your teeth turning all yellow. The salt on the other hand is the abrasive ingredient here working as a scrub, and baking soda which you can choose to omit.
  1. The third remedy here is coconut oil. Might sound a bit weird but is actually a great teeth whitening ingredient and that is because of the lauric acid which is present in the coconut oil, makes it one of the best home remedies for white teeth

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