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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last

Teeth whitening trays
How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last
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If you’re asking this question then you’ve probably read up on related dental practices like bleaching (laser whitening) or the use of trays. How long does this kind of teeth whitening last? It could be anywhere from one to three years. Shade alterations can happen depending on patient after-care, tooth dehydration or if the original cause of discoloration repeats.

  1. Statistics say that nearly half the patients who have undergone teeth whitening treatments have testified that it lasts anywhere from nine to twelve years, making the expensive bill they paid for it quite reasonable.
  2. This means 10% of patients who want to know how long teeth whitening lasts display shade regression within the first year after treatment. 38% notice a difference only after three years.

Teeth whitening trays

This is the primary reason people use trays. They get to ‘top up’ their whitening treatments at home when they feel they’re slipping to a darker shade. Studies have clearly shown that patients who re-treat their teeth by going back to their dentist see a much shorter time between regressions than they’d experienced during the original bleaching treatment, which saw them come in for one session per week for a designated period of time.

No sodas for teeth whiteningThings to avoid:

  1. Strong beverages like coffee, curries and red wine
  2. Heavily stained food
  3. Nicotine products

Dentist teeth whitening

Each dentist has their own routine. They might ask you to come in once a year for re-treatment so you can keep that wonderfully white smile. They may call this ‘top up’ or ‘maintenance’ sessions. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, your dentist will advise you to avoid the things listed above.
This entire process is not as simple as it seems. The statistics you read above exist because there are probabilities that a batch of patients won’t experience the same positive results as another batch. This is why you need to encourage yourself to have realistic expectations. How long does teeth whitening last, on average?

  1. The process itself will have you avoiding things that can cause discoloration. Strictly adhere to the rules your dentist gives you. In addition to the avoidables above, some medications also cause obstructions.
  2. Maintenance is almost entirely in your hands so do your very best to keep your teeth white after the treatment. Opalescence whitening toothpastes help while promoting oral health in general.
  3. If fading occurs, ask your dentist about touch-up treatments twice a night, once or twice a year.
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