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How much does it cost to whiten your teeth

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How much does it cost to whiten your teeth
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To get that dazzling smile doesn’t often come cheap. Not all of us are born with white teeth gifted to us by good genetics. Different whitening methods bring different costs. Here’s how much it will cost to whiten your teeth:

Cheap teeth whitening methods

  1. At less than $10 – These include do-it-yourself home kits where you’ll be asked to mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and apply it to your teeth with a Q-tip. Don’t expect immediate results, this method can take a long time to show a positive outcome.
  2. At $5-$20 – You’ll see products in this price range come in tubes and bottles. Whitening toothpaste is a much better bargain than most dentist treatments but there has been increased tooth sensitivity issues with this. Use your special toothpaste sparingly, twice a week instead of everyday, to avoid the problem.
  3. At $25-$200 – Bleaching kiosks are well known in this price range, found in most high-end malls, airports and cruise ships. Because these kiosks are not regulated by actual dentists, you need to be extra careful what chemicals are being used. If there’s a person at hand to help, they may not have the best or ideal health training. Be cautious when you see how much it will cost to whiten your teeth through this method; you might be wasting your money just to appear cool.
  4. At $20-$45Teeth whitening strips or trays come under this price category. They may seem inconvenient and slow but if you’re diligent you can see amazing results. However, these standard sized products don’t suit everybody’s dentistry.
  5. At $150-$1500 – Customized bleaching trays are offered by dentists who know what they’re doing. You can see an even application of the whitening gel on you teeth with none of the misfitting and discomfort of standard trays. You can wear them any time you prefer. The gels contain higher peroxide content, desensitizing agents and calcium phosphate for strength.
  6. At $500-$2500 – These involve laser teeth whitening and get you superb results that last longer. The method uses high concentrations of established chemicals in accordance with laser light techniques to speed up the process of enamel whitening. You’ll probably need more than one session to gain effective teeth whiteness.
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