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What is hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening?

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening
What is hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening?
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Teeth darken and discolour with age. It is a fact and you cannot change it. But this doesn’t mean you are stuck with yellow stained teeth forever. There are many treatments which can make your teeth white. Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is one such method. But exactly what is hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening?

Can I use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening?

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is a treatment that helps remove the stains from your teeth and makes them look shiny and bright. It is a fairly simple process, one that you can do yourself at home. That’s right; no need to visit the dentist and empty your pockets. All you need to have with you is hydrogen peroxide solution and some baking soda and you are good to go.

Where to buy hydrogen peroxide

You can easily buy hydrogen peroxide from your local drug store. Although it is more commonly used to treat skin wounds, it can also be used for oral hygiene. However, make sure you buy a 3% solution as it is safe for your teeth.


Hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash

Hydrogen peroxide is to be used as a mouthwash, but before brushing your teeth. Take two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in a cup and pour it in your mouth. Swish around for about a minute and you will notice it foaming inside your mouth. This is how you will know that the solution is working. Spit it out after a minute and rinse your mouth again with water. Now you can go ahead and brush your teeth like you always do. Do this ritual daily to retain your pearly whites forever.

Hydrogen peroxide in combination with baking soda

Hydrogen peroxide can also be combined with baking soda for whitening your teeth. Mix 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with 3 teaspoons of baking soda to form a paste that resembles your toothpaste in texture. You may have to try a few combinations to get the texture right. Use this paste as your normal toothpaste to brush your teeth. Once you have finished brushing leave it on your teeth for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water. Brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste to get rid of any hydrogen peroxide. However, make sure you do this only once a week, not more.

Tips for teeth whitening

Hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening

That’s all it takes to turn your teeth from yellow to white. Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is easy and not expensive at all. Just a words of caution though; go easy on the hydrogen peroxide and don’t go overboard with it!

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