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Opalescence review

Opalescence teeth whitening
Opalescence review
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Opalescence is the ultimate on the go teeth whitening solution. As compared to other over the counter whitening techniques opalescence is a much more professional whitening solution and caters directly to the dentists. The opalescence take home whitening gel provides you with the hassle free whitening solution. Opalescence provides you with custom made mouth trays so as to get maximum results. All you need to do is to wear it either for 20 minutes or 30 minutes depending upon your requirements. You don’t need any trays or additional set ups like over the counter kits. Opalescence comes with discreet and clear tray material and is ready use as soon as you take it out from the package and does not have any elaborate set up.

How Opalescence work

Teeth whitening methodsOpalescence contains potassium and fluoride which not only whiten teeth but also provide for an overall mouth care. Potassium is said to help reduce sensitivity and fluoride helps in fighting against cavity and also strengthens the enamel. Where would you find such a complete product with twin benefits?
Opalescence comes with pre filled disposable trays and provides you the ease and comfort to have that dazzling smile whenever you want it. Also opalescence provides you with different range of products to choose from. Depending upon your bleaching needs you can choose between 10%PF, 20%PF, 30% PF and so on.
If you want a fresh mouth, opalescence is the way to go. The opalescence toothpaste with its minty flavour not only aims at maximum oral hygiene but also gives you a polished look and additionally it tastes good too! Its mint after all!

Results in just a few months

Apart from being the most effective whitening solution which gives you two tones lighter teeth in just a month, the unique formula of opalescence also helps in reducing gingivitis. it also provides for tough stain removal and high enamel fluoride uptake.

How to naturally whiten teeth

Don’t use Opalescence too often

However like all products it has its cons too. Opalescence is essentially the strongest whitening solution and that is why its regular use can be detrimental. If the teeth are exposed to such high doses of chemicals regularly it might render them weak and brittle. So it is advised to use opalescence in intervals.

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