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Teeth Whitening: Before and after

How to naturally whiten teeth
Teeth Whitening: Before and after
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Of course, the results of the Teeth Whitening is all you care about. When I started with teeth whitening I also couldn’t wait to see the results. Despite the fact that the results might seem the most important, it’s also important that you keep your teeth whiter for a long time. And, of course, you also want to whiten your teeth only in a healthy way.


Things To Know Before Teeth Whitening

  1. Peroxide products are used to carry out an oxidation process to penetrate the inner layers of the enamel. It releases free radicals that oxidise color-producing organic compounds in the enamel
  2. Dentists often use carbamide peroxide and/or hydrogen peroxide. The former is more stable than the latter but works over a longer period of time, which is more comfortable
  3. Oxidation process has risk of carcinogen spreading but studies are inconclusive on the matter.
  4. Enamel affectations include: demineralization or etching (increased porosity), mild erosion and shallow depressions
  5. Sideeffetcs after treatment include: teeth hypersensitivity and/or soft tissue irritation. Prolonged exposure to the whitening agent or wrongful placement of the tray can result in the above. Other causes include: hydrogen peroxide in high concentration and/or the whitening agent’s pH is more acidic. They’re temporary and can be resolved
  6. Kids below the age of twelve, pregnant or lactating women, patients undergoing orthodontic treatments or those who have gum or teeth conditions that haven’t been cured or resolved shouldn’t take up teeth whitening.

Teeth Improvement

Things To Know After Teeth Whitening

  1. Your teeth can go only as white as they possibly can, approximately 3-4 shades whiter then before treatment
  2. You can see results after one session or a few days, depending on the type of whitening and your medical file
  3. Whitening is not permanent. Your teeth will remain white for 1-2 years (on average). Poor lifestyle choices (coffee, red wine, foods with heavy staining, tomato- and curry-based sauces, smoking) will reduce treatment efficiency. If the food in question can stain your clothes, they will stain your teeth
  4. To reduce sensitivity: place a small amount of toothpaste into your maintenance trays after your whitening sessions at home
  5. About 11% of patients experience pain or discomfort post treatment. Opt for M.I. paste made with Recaldent. It’s a milk derived protein that soothes the nerves inside teeth (cause of sensitivity).  The treatment generally takes about 5 to 10 minutes
  6. Specific types of toothpastes help with any sensitivity you might experience post treatment. Sensodyne is a good choice.

How to get white teeth fast

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