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What Is Whitening Cream

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What Is Whitening Cream
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Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t some corporate propaganda intended to prey on your desperation to use actual cream for your teeth. There is no such thing as teeth whitening cream, instead this is a fancy term for paste. Let’s explore the concept of whitening creams or whitening pastes for your teeth:

  1. Colgate – There are some amazing teeth whitening products in this range. Luminous, Optic White, Sparkling White, Sensitive, Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening Bubbles… These are some key product names you can use to help you buy a whitening paste that will fight plaque and cavities, keep your breath fresh and your teeth white and stain free. Of the product range mentioned above, Colgate Optic White Platinum is a remarkable choice.
  2. Plus White 5-Minute Teeth Whitening System – Not only is it affordable, you also get a rinse and gel-filled mouth tray along with a tube of whitening gel (cream or paste). It’s easy to use and the gel mouth-guard is very comfortable. People have testified that this product works more than fine. 20 minutes twice a day has resulted in sparkling white teeth.
  3. Arm & Hammer Advance White Tothpaste – Using peroxide, baking soda and the freshness of mint, it doesn’t make your teeth sensitive and has shown to remove coffee stains from enamel. Brush for 2 whole minutes, even if it feels like a long time.

Best whitening creams

How to brush your teeth step 2When it comes to whitening creams, aka whitening toothpastes, you need to shop for a reputable brand name. Ayurveda is a great field to check out some natural herbal remedies for teeth whitening based on historically established data that have shown consistent results. Modern suggestions include seals on the toothpaste packages. Companies you need to look out for include the American Dental Association’s seal of acceptance. Here are two products that have shown results but people have observed hasn’t worked to the optimum:

  1. Aquafresh White Trays – This isn’t a cream or paste but it does use whitening gel. Even if you follow the instructions, not all stains are readily removed with this product.
  2. Rembrandt Advanced Whitening Strips – They have shown to noticeably whiten teeth and not slip around too much inside your mouth, but the results aren’t really worth the high cost of this product.
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